Tracheal Stents - Bronchial Stents

Stening S.R.L. is a company that supplies airway prostheses and tracheal T-tubes.

Prostheses or Tracheobronchial stents are aimed at different kind of patients, those having airway conditions, who are submitted to dilatation or rechannelling with laser, as well as those patients who are tracheostomized.

As you can see on this web site, Stening® is a single use trachea or bronchi prosthesis, manufactured with silicone without supporting frame.

A wide range of sizes and models to cover the various needs, including prostheses for pediatric use, are available.

Stening® provides physicians with all the necessary expert advice given by renown specialists in neumonology and respiratory endoscopy in our country.

Tracheal and Bronchial Stents
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Tracheo-carino-bronchial Stents
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Tracheal Tubes and Cannulas
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necrosis actínica de traquea
Bronchial Stents
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stent aplicado en necrosis actínica de traquea