Stent Traqueocarinobrónquico Oclusivo

Código SYO


Stent traqueocarinobrónquico con rama ocluida en la proximidad de su origen para adaptarse a situaciones especiales como la gran fístula broncopleural en pacientes sometidos a respiración mecánica.

esquema stent en Y - Traqueocarinobronquico oclusivo

Dimensiones (mm)

Código  Diámetro A B C D  E
SYO15-12 15 mm 70 3 30 15 12
SYO16-13 16 mm 70 3 35 16 13
Stent en Y - Traqueocarinobrónquico oclusivo

Stent en Y aplicado

Stent en Y aplicado

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11/11/2016 - Mario Lavrador

Good afternoon. I have a small dog that needs a broncheal and tracheal stent. Do you make them custom made for dogs?

12/11/2016 - Dr. Ricardo Isidoro

Dear Mr. Mario, thank you for writing us.

Stening produces a wide range of devices for the human airway.
In spite of that, some vets have been using them in animals successfully.

You or your vet may check the models and its sizes in this website to find out if some of these can be applied to your dog's case.
Mostly, bronchial sizes or paediatric ones suit better to small animals.
If you have further questions do not hesitate in asking us.

Best regards,
Dr. Ricardo Isidoro

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